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SAP Unicode

SAP Unicode - Should you upgrade or not?

You probably received the letter from SAP stating that all customers need to upgrade their SAP systems to unicode. A second letter went out in 2008 raising the urgency. The question is, should you upgrade now or not? ... Click "Read More" for additional opinion.

Realistically, what is your risk if you defer converting to Unicode?

If you read the Case for Unicode, you realize that you face a risk of data loss or corruption based on numerous warnings if you remain in a non-Unicode SAP environment. So what is your real risk? Click to read more.

The Case For Unicode

The common misconception is that Unicode is only required if your SAP system need to have multiple languages that are not supported by the standard code page. There are much more to it, click "Read more" to understand all the reasons why your SAP systems need to be running Unicode, written in non-techno speak.

Unicode Conversion - How to do it quickly, cheaply and effectively

The SAP Unicode conversion is different from an upgrade project or a support pack. The functionality of R/3 does not change at all, it is purely a technical upgrade that converts how the data is stored in the database. Because of this fact, you can streamline your Unicode conversion by following this true and tested method: